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La Flandre Profonde intro in English

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  1. Because anti-communication and communication pollution is overwhelming. The large majority of the people is doomed to listen and keep silent. It excludes groups of people and thus creates ghettos of rancour and resentment. Personally I’m grieved by linguistic cleansing and racism. Anti-communication is paralleled by communication pollution, like populism, demagogy and manipulation. When even a respectable review like Knack recedes to cheap gossip, participatory journalism must intervene to guarantee the truthfulness of the media.
  2. Except for the TV program Phara, an open mind for public debate is absent in Flanders. Open mindedness is nevertheless one of the essential   qualities needed to safeguard democracy. A society without an open public debate fossilizes and becomes rigid. It conserves “la Pensée Unique” and its consequence is the inbreeding of solutions and elites.

    La Flandre Profonde

    La Flandre Profonde

  3. Investigative journalism is threatened  due to drastic savings. The time is there that we as citizen journalists help and correct press and TV producing high quality Internet journalism. Our struggle should go hand in hand with the struggle of professional journalists who face dismissal. The big media monopolies should no longer consider journalists as throwaways.
  4. There are a lot of good initiatives, you find a lot of links to them on my Blog but they should dialogue more and cooperate. This could be done using a meta-blog. A meta-blog is a blog of blogs where people are offered  a window for their articles and where discussion can take place. Metablogs exist on particular topics or for a well  defined opinion but the encounter of different opinions is also important. Abroad you find examples of such Meta-blogs like Dandelion Salad and Open democracy. It will open our minds.
  5. We need a place were people can take initiatives like 01.10 against racism. This initiative was great but it should take place more often. The economic situation today is alarming. In the past crisis has always been a lever to shorten civil rights.
  6. A lot of people in Belgium are tired of the quarrels of our politicians? But can we do better. Let’s show them!

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Eén reactie op “La Flandre Profonde intro in English

  1. dandelionsalad

    Thanks for including Dandelion Salad, much appreciated. Yes, we need to be the citizen journalists as corporate media filters out too much news.


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